Carolina Colours Association Charge Information

Member Charges: Each property owner in Carolina Colours (whether a resident or not) is allowed to charge to their Association account member number certain items, such as Tap Room (dinner and drinks) or other Pavilion services charges. These member charges are included in the monthly Association bill.

Fiber Optic Charges: The Association is charged by¬†SuddenLink¬†(our fiber optic bundler) for basic video (cable) and basic data (internet) availability for each residence. The “bundling” of services allowed the Association to negotiate a better rate, which is passed through to each resident and included as additional monthly charges on your monthly Association bill. As stated in the Community Fact Sheet given to each property purchaser, this charge is in addition to your basic property owner dues. Fiber optic charges begin upon completion of a home and continue monthly and are only discontinued upon the sale of the home to another party. Fiber optic services and charges cannot be discontinued otherwise, regardless of whether you use the service.

If you have any questions regarding billing or charges, please contact Sandra Spingler at the Association office, 252-636-3700.