,.Frequently Asked Questions/Answers for Residents


1.  What are the responsibilities of the Association?

The Association is responsible for all amenities of Carolina Colours and the maintenance of all common areas.  The amenities consist of the pavilion, terrace, pool, pickle ball courts and tennis courts.  The golf course is NOT part of the Association.

2.  How does the Association communicate with me?

The Association sends out emails labelled “Carolina Colours” when it has information that it feels is important for residents.  These emails must be READ and responded to appropriately.  If a response is required, the email will specify where the response is to be sent.  Do NOT hit respond.  Also, be very careful and do NOT hit the “Unsubscribe” link unless you REALLY do not want any more information from the Association.

3.  I have a question about trash/recycling/streets/streetlights/the speed of cars on Waterscape Way/wildlife.  Who do I call?

You call the City of New Bern or go to https://www.newbernnc.gov.

4.  I have a question about Optimum/I have received a bill from Optimum/ I am having problems with my cable/internet.  What do I do?

You can call the Optimum Help Desk at 877-409-1583, press zero when asked for your account number and you will be connected to a “live” person. 

5.  When can I walk/bike on the golf paths?

You may be on the golf paths daily before 7:30, and must be off by 7:30 when play starts.  In the evening you may be on the golf paths of the front 9 ONLY after 8 pm.

6.  I need a fax/copy/scan/notary.  What do I do?

Visit the UPS store in the Harris Teeter shopping center.

7.  I have a question about a tree/my neighbor’s tree/drainage.  Who do I contact?

Contact Kip Peregoy at kperegoy@carolinacolours.com

8.  There is a house being built near me.  What are the approved construction hours?

The construction hours are 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

9.  How do I  get a key fob for the pool/pavilion?

Send an email to Ken Gerhardt at kgerhardt@carolinacolours.com

10.  What are the hours of the swimming pool/tennis courts/pickleball courts?

The hours are listed on the association website.

11.  I can’t find my latest Association statement.  What should I do?

You can look up your statements in the members-only portion of this website.

12.  Where can I pay my Association bill?

You can pay online through the members-only portion of this website.  There is a drop-box inside the pro shop, and you can also mail your check.  The Association does NOT pull the funds out of your bank account.

13.  Who do I contact for help with my   billing statements?

Adriana Wietzel is the Financial Manager and can be reached at awietzel@carolinacolours.com if you need any assistance with your statements.